The Great Week Bundle Things to Know!

  1. It will really make your week great!  No worrying about rushing home to prep some dinner or running out of ingredients, it's there and waiting for a heat up!:)
  2. All of our menu items are compiled from REAL foods.  We never use hydrogenated oils, food dyes, or over-processed ingredients.  I'm really strict about this.  Margarine and shortening do not exist here.  
  3. You'll eat well.  When you're surrounded by great food choices, it is just easier to eat better.  All those prepped veggies mean a salad is 2 minutes away and not 10, plus cutting boards and knives and realizing the fresh veg in your fridge was fresh last week.
  4. Less Waste!  When we prep all those veggies for you, not only are we saving time for you, but our chickens, pigs, sheep, cows, cats, and dogs get the leftovers, there is virtually no food waste here.
  5. Reusable containers.  While we can't refill containers that have gone out for delivery, most of our containers are dishwasher and microwavable safe and offer plenty of reuses before recycling!  Our quart size soup/cheese size containers are excellent water cups, driveway salt spreaders, pen holders, lego holders.  The shorter ones are great for crayons too!
  6. Most of the items we bring to you will be freshly made, occasionally we will bring an item from the freezer.  All of our foods are labeled with our made on, freeze by dates.  With the exceptions of salads just about everything is freezable.  
  7. You'll save money!  When great fast food is in your fridge there's no reason to swing through the drive-through or pick up take-out, and we know how fast that adds up!  Budget win!
  8. Each Great Week starts on a Monday with the new menu which is generally posted the previous Monday. 
  9. You don't need to be home for delivery!  It's dinner, not a new iPhone, we'll trust your neighbors to not help themselves as long as you're okay with that. 
  10. Monday through Wednesday, deliveries are 1-4, Thursday and Friday, by 6pm.  If you are picking up, we will have it ready for 4pm Tuesday, unless you specify another day:)