Farm Store Open Daily 10-7

Real Food. Zero Waste. Always.

Here at Gorsky's Farm we have always been committed to providing the best food, with the lowest environmental impact.  

Our ingredients start with those grown on our farm, then we branch out to other local farms to fill in the gaps (honey, dairy, veggies) and keep it as local as possible throughout the year.  

Years ago I began purging ingredients from our family's diet and have always carried the philosophy that I wouldn't feed someone else's child what I wouldn't feed my own.  

You will never find hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup or margarine here.  The only place that we use any food dye is sprinkles, though we're working to find alternatives.  Otherwise we are food dye free.  

We are sodium conscious, if we don't absolutely need a little sea salt, it is eliminated.  We feel that sneaky sodium can lead to feeling out of sorts.  Our Pizza Dough is completely salt free too!:)  

We are tree-nut free.

Only the best, highest quality ingredients.  

Suppliers often suggest cheaper alternatives, but I remain steadfast in the commitment to real food, even at a higher cost.  I think you are worth it.  

Our packaging will always be recyclable, and in many cases reusable before recycling.  

We are zero food waste.  Really.

The beauty of a farm ecosystem is that nothing is wasted.  

Chickens, Pigs & Cows enjoy all of the veggie scraps from the kitchen.

Cats & Dogs eat any meat scraps or cracked eggs.  

My children & husband gladly enjoy any deformed cookies.  

No food waste goes to the dumpster.