Weekly Update 3/4/18--Woodstoves and Sunshine


Spring is so close we can taste it.  We've been teased with a few gorgeous spring-like days with windows and doors blowing out the stale air of winter, filling our lungs with renewed spirit and minds with daydreams of garden fresh veggies and burgers off the grill. Alas, it's early March and we are soon reminded that winter is still among us.  Just as small green probes of hope were popping up in the perennial gardens, they were quickly buried in a foot or so of heavy wet snow.  As if winter was sending a strong message to spring to back off her territory.  

Soon, windows will be opened daily, the sun will grow warmer, the Vitamin D won't need supplementation and the garden will surely grow.  Sometime in the hustle of weeding and picking ample tomatoes in August, we'll yearn for the quieter days of winter, and be thankful for the seasons once more.  

The rhythm of all of life's seasons is even more marked when you heat with wood.  There is a time for cutting wood and splitting wood, a time for stacking it properly to help it dry.  For this purpose, we look for cracks in the wood to see that the moisture is escaping.  How many times in life do we think our cracks make us broken when really we're just preparing for the next leg of the journey.  If "green" wood is put into a stove it will weep moisture, and eventually burn, but not hot.  To really make an impact the wood must transform, as must we.  We must let go of that which does not serve our ultimate purpose, even if it leaves cracks where we were once whole, smooth or "perfect." 

Embrace your cracks, let those parts of you that are no longer serving you escape, change your circle, be focused and prepare for your ultimate purpose.  

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  • Katie Gorsky