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The Gift a Great Week

Posted by Katie Gorsky on

The Gift of a Great Week

Greetings from the farm,

Since the very beginning of Great Week Bundles, at least weekly we have received requests to deliver the Gift of a Great Week.  Often times for those that are under the weather, have just lost a loved one, and sometimes just because they are loved by their friends.  (What a better way to say thanks for being you, than by giving someone a week off of full cooking?)

For a recent contest, we gave away a Great Week to family nominated by friends that received the most "likes."  Earlier in this week I received an email that nobody should have to write....

"Hi but would it be possible to get the delivery one day earlier? I was just informed my surgery is canceled because I now have stage 4 cancer that metastasized into my liver and I start chemo Thursday. I really would appreciate it"

Suddenly, I couldn't imagine being faced with this news, trying to digest, plan the attack, arrange doctors....and then figuring out what my family was to eat.  

I suppose until you've lived it you really don't grasp all the little things that are involved with fighting off nasty diseases.  

I shared the story privately as a reflection of how something so small could be so incredibly helpful to a family.  We can be overwhelmed by the thought of raising enough money to find a cure, or pay a mortgage so someone can take time off work, but something as simple as some food for the week so that a family can focus on healing, resting, and time spent together can really make a week great.

Immediately after sharing my sweet cousin messaged me offering to sponsor a future week for this family.  Erin who ran the Boston Marathon and raised a new car's worth of funds for the Jimmy Fund in doing so.  (I have truly amazing people in my life)

Another friend who has battled her husband's cancer also checked in about the impact this could have on giving a family some normalcy and easing the burden.

So, we are beginning The Gift a Great Week Initiative.

If you would like to Gift a Great Week to someone you know, you may now order a "Gift a Great Week" and provide their local delivery info.  

If you would like to split a gift with friends for someone you know, we now offer 1/4, 1/2 and full gift levels.

If you would like to sponsor a family fighting cancer in our community, use any of the above options and we will match you with a local family.

We take gifting very seriously around here.  Gift orders are always loaded up with a few extras, a handwritten card and our delivery drivers simply adore delivering gifts.  

If you would like to remain anonymous, we will respect those wishes.

Also! If you know of a family with a birthday celebration make sure to tell us so we can provide birthday treats!

For every 10 sponsored Gift a Great Week Bundles, Gorsky's Farm will donate a Great Week.

To learn more or start gifting: